Thursday, July 16, 2015

Upcoming polar reversal event

Most of us are aware that the Earth’s magnetic polarity  periodically switches.

North and South flip: Earth's magnetic field may be on brink of switching, warn scientists

Strange things might happen:

Frogs levitate in a strong magnetic field

(A frog just floated past my window.  Could that be a harbinger?)

Less well-known  outside of the physics community itself  is the fact that gravity too is about to reverse polarity -- probably before the end of the month.  Instead of being an attractive force, it will become repulsive.   Objects will fall upwards. 

As anyone knows who has been paying attention, this has happened before in cosmic history, during the era of the Inflaton Field, which put the “Big” in “Big Bang”.  (Or was it the “Bang”;  I forget. )  Anyhow, it’s That Time again.

All that may necessitate some changes in our daily routines.  Of particular concern is the possible impact upon women and minorities.

Going out on a limb a bit, some Democrats wonder whether this impending change might influence our planetary orbit.   Republicans, however, denounce such speculations as just more climate-change speculation.

Candidate Trump has charged
that these impending developments
will cause illegal Mexicans
to be sucked northwards.

Notice the effect of these disturbing reversals  upon The Donald's coiffure.
Seeing is believing.

~  The World of Dr Justice ~
~~  Science You Can Trust  ™~~


These creatures, by contrast,
have been adapted  by far-sighted, all-seeing
Natural Selection
for exactly this event.
 So who's smiling now??

The effect upon pigs
is expected to be
especially dramatic.

Official anthem for this grand event:

Commemorative stamp
for the Great Gravity Polarity Event

Meanwhile, Pravda (“News U Can Trust”) is predicting that the polar reversal will lead to a Transvaluation of All Values:

War is peace; slavery is freedom; ignorance is strength

Fraternity boys will be delighted to learn that, in this new gravitational regime, “No” will in fact mean “Yes”!

Vanguard artists
embrace the new
gravitational regime


Another upcoming event that might effect your travel plans is that the Pacific Northwest is about to be utterly destroyed.   And no, not the old San Andreas fault -- something less well-known but potentially more deadly:  the Cascadia Subduction Zone.   Nor is the Big One quake the worst of it:  rather, the ensuing tsunami.  As one seismologist put it:  “We expect everything west of Interstate 5  to be toast.”  (Soggy toast, actually; FTFY.)
Anyhow, don’t take my word for it:  see  Kathryn Shulz's excellent feature article in this week's New Yorker:

For those of you who lack the time to read the entire detailed article, or who, not being subscribers, lack access to it, we shall summarize its contents:

For most of us, the phrase “Ring of Fire” connotes only the exasperation, the agony, and, yes, the ecstasy of hemorrhoids.   But for a seismologist …

No, sheesh, what kind of journalistic lead-in is that.  Anyhow, what I wanted to lead up to was, the New Yorker writer predicts a local post-seismic version of The Singularity (when the phone system goes sentient and robots take over the planet):

Refrigerators will walk out of kitchens,
unplugging themselves
-- Kathryn Shulz, “The Really Big One”, The New Yorker (July 20, 2015, p. 57)

Now, frankly, we here at The World of Doctor Justice ™  run a pretty trim scientific ship, and can scarcely endorse such flights of fantasy (more Ferlinghetti than Wegener) as evidently appeal to the dope-smoking interns who run The New Yorker while the grown-ups are off at Martha’s Vineyard during the summer months.  Even so, there might be some truth in it, and we thought we should warn you, as you might wish to take some precautions against an insurrection among your appliances.


  1. I'm not concerned. I paid my gravity bill.

    1. Riemann Utilities Inc.July 17, 2015 at 6:12 AM

      Ah, sir, but you failed to purchase the new Premium Gravity Prime ©, which guarantees constancy, not only of the absolute-value of the gravitational content, but the sign! What you have is the gravitational equivalent of flying coach -- which, apart from all the other discomforts and indignitites, will now involve flying upside-down.