Saturday, June 2, 2018

The Riddle of the Sphinx (mis à jour)

Contemporary Sphinx:  What walks on four legs in the morning, two legs at noon, and six legs at evening?

Modern Oedipus:  A person:   a crawling baby;  an adult with grown-up gait; and an oldster with a walker (which itself is a quadruped, like a rug-rat).

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  1. Words in French, German, English... but not in Arabic, that easy language to learn according to your own book but you cautiously set there the limits of the world-of-yourself to be shown to the world outside yourself. F. Engels said in 1853 that "Das Persische ist ein wahres Kinderspiel von einer Sprache" but he didn't have youtube videos to learn the alphabet so, learning it was a very painful process. We all have those videos now and Persian is indeed the easy language to learn, not Arabic (by the way, what about Spanish? Not cool enough for you?. Too easy to learn?...)

    You easily get drunk with words (sorry, inebriated, berauscht, ivre... what I was thinking about?) and then share online the final result. No wonder we are both alone here. I can hear the echo of your keyboard every time you type a new post.