Saturday, June 7, 2014

“Heads we win, Tails you lose”

Contemporary atheists point to cosmological findings of the Big Bang Theory, to argue that no Creator is logically necessary.   Earlier writers, compassing the same end of assailing theism or even deism, likewise adverted to Big Bang Theory, but put an opposite spin on it.   A philosopher, reviewing Filosofskie Problemy Sovremennoi Fisiki (Moscow, 1957), by  Marxist author Ernst Kolman:

He appears to reject outright the docrine of a cosmological commencement, on the grounds that such theories inevitable lead to the invocation of non-material causes  and hence to religion.  Do they?  How pleased some of our theologians would be if this were so.
-- Ernest Gellner, Contemporary Thought and Politics (1978), p. 138

(Note:  Gellner is not here by any means espousing deism, but merely critiquing one instance of Physics Porn.)

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