Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Three *more* days for the Condor

In the (terrific) movie-thriller, “Three Days of the Condor”, Robert Redford plays an intelligence analyst at a small think-tank (rather like the “Rubicon” group), who steps out one day to get sandwiches for his office-mates  and, upon his return, finds that they have all been slaughtered, down to the last man.  (Sort of an ultimate “While you were out… ” yellow stickie.)   Using his finely-honed analytic skills, he deduces that he himself might be in peril, and takes it on the lam. 
Later, explaining his predicament to a sympathetic ear, he pleads poignantly that he cannot imagine why he was ever targeted:  “I just … read … books!”   Novels, mostly, in fact.
(I used to get to do that when I worked at Merriam-Webster, an hour a day of “Reading & Marking”, and got paid for it. -- Peanuts, but paid for it.)

Well as you will already have guessed, using your finely-honed movie-watching skills, that is just the problem, young fellow:  you read a book that you weren’t supposed to read.  A book that, in the guise of fiction, revealed the outlines of an actual plot.


Now, that storyline was, so far as anyone knows, pure fiction -- both the book-within-the-movie and the movie itself.   But now, in actual reality, a strikingly similar scenario has arisen.   Do not take my word for it, but consult the following article, from today’s edition of the respected, moderate-conservative French newspaper, Le Figaro.

[Note:  complot américain means “American conspiracy”.  But that is really just a euphemism for something much bigger -- see below.]

Somehow -- no-one knows quite how -- an obscure pair of Belgians (William Van Cutsem and Jean Van Hamme) have managed to put out volume after volume of what, in superficial appearance, is nothing but a Jason Bourne knock-off, yet which contains, in ever bolder specificity as the series has proceeded over the past thirty years, hints of and allusions to the most notorious multi-centennial mega-global web of skulduggery ever recorded (and that, written in blood):

Смерть шпионам!

[Here I must pause, and consult my handler;  in the meantime, click on the link.
  If you don’t hear back from me within an hour, it means that I have been murdered.]

[Update 27 June 2014]  Doktor Justiz he just fine.  Go way move long, no thing 2 C here ..

[Update 28 June 2014]  The latest startling revelations on the conspiracy front:

The true reason that Barack Obama has never released a birth certificate that meets the exacting standards of evidentiary scientists like Jerome Corsi is that his birth certificates have been doctored to obscure not the place of his birth, but the date.
Barack Obama was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1871…

Read it and tremble ..

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