Monday, March 21, 2016

SCOOP! WDJ reveals Trump’s cabinet appointments !!

Those tiresome comparisons of The Donald to Hitler (or, somewhat more plausibly, to Mussolini;  even more plausibly, to Berlusconi)  quite fail to capture the rotundity of his appeal.   A substantial number of even quite well-educated and relatively liberal people, very far from the MSM stereotype of his supporters as merely ignorant haters, find him at the very least amusing, and even -- by comparison with the two-faced, scripted, often groveling other candidates (e.g. Hillary at AIPAC this morning) -- at times refreshing.   To grasp this, we need to evoke a different character from history:  Sir John Falstaff.

Sir Donald,  merry at his mead

Falstaff is totally unapologetic:  he revels in his lechery and chicanery, lies without scruple, and when caught in a lie, unabashedly seeks to turn everything to his own advantage.  But his knavery is so engaging  and his lust for life so keen, that he has become one of the favorite characters of the Bard.

Sir Donald, rebuking a Democrat

Owing to a mole inside the Trump campaign, the World of Dr Justice  -- renowned for xxx-clusive scoops -- has obtained an advance copy of the cabinet appointments contemplated by President-to-be Trump (inflect “to be” for the subjunctive, here):

Secretary of War: Ralph Mouldy
Secretary of Gaming: Thomas Wart
Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare Miscellaneous:  Simon Shadow
Secretary of Free Enterprise : Peter Bull-calf.
 Secretary of This, That, and the Other Thing: Francis Feeble

Sir Donald, bidding defiance to the Islamic State

U heard it here first.

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[Update 26 March 2016]  Another plausible comparison:  Trump as "the white man's Marion Barry":

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