Sunday, December 6, 2015

Is Trump Immortal?

The Trump camp  recently made a startling claim for their candidate:  namely, that he is immortal.

Liberals have frantically attempted to counter that claim, but without success.  All they can evince in contradiction  is this famous syllogism, credited to Aristotle:

All men are mortal.
Trump is a man.
Therefore Trump is mortal.

The fallacy comes in step 2.  The flamboyant billionaire is not a man, but a moron.   Hence the purported proof  does not go through.   And thus, by contraposition (pataphysical duality), his immortality stands as proved.

In conjunction with their remarkable revelation, the Trumpsters have put forward a central demand  as regards the institution of the Presidency itself:

     *  An end to term limits.

We have a hunch where this is going.

[Update 21 March 2016]  This just in --  The Trump camp  is floating a new slogan:

"Term limits are for losers."


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