Sunday, January 1, 2017

Steganographic Monostich



  1. Traditionally, "steganography" is done using HTML <๐š’๐š–๐š> tags, but this post does not contain any. Besides the many <๐š‹๐š› /> tags here, the only other content is a Unicode U+0046 character, which suggests a congruence to this post. If only Alan Turing were here to help us solve this enigmatic puzzle!

    1. You called?

    2. Unfortunately I got my numbering systems mixed up.  The sigil in this post is a U+002E, decimal 46. But what does it mean? The space of possibilities is so small that there cannot be much significance to the choice of &#x2E; versus what few other characters could have been chosen (such as U+220E or even perhaps U+2E3C "⸼" whose name includes the word STENOGRAPHIC which is close to STEGANOGRAPHIC but maybe that's just a coincidence).  Would ᙮ be a possibility, or is that too Canadian?  But Canada is an ally so surely the Enigma machine would need to include the Frozen North's characters?  I guess ។ is out of the question now that the Domino Theory of Communist Expansion has been disproven.  And U+2024 "․" has the wrong semantics, although its name includes the word LEADER which is part of "Glorious Leader" which of course would refer to North Korea.  If this had been an attempt to communicate secretly about incoming God-Emperor Donald J. Trump, perhaps the sigil could have been เฉด , one of only three Unicode symbols whose description includes the word 'God'.  But there's no reason to bring the Sikhs into this!

      And so I ask you, Dr. Turing, what is the ground for which this sigil is the figure?

  2. Re that compactly significant symbol, cf. also the steganographic remarks by Tim Gowers concerning connected zero-dimensional manifolds, quoted here:

    and likewise the Danger Dot, depicted here: