Monday, January 16, 2017

Zen Physics

A wristwatch worn
by a particle of light
would  not  tick     a-tall.

(-- after Brian Greene; slightly modified, to please the Muse)

Dr. Greene delivers himself of this epigram, in the course of explaining that we
 each of us, all of us,
 even Achilles and the tortoise,
move equally at the speed of light.
To be sure, in a Pickwickian sense (dividing our motion between space and time).


Clocks on Earth    tick
a tiny bit
s l o w l y
relative to those in interstellar space.

[ -- Richard Gott, The Cosmic Web (2016), p. 16 ]

The Big Bang itself   is at the bottom
where all the worldlines  converge.
There is no time
before    that …

-- ibid, p. 81

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