Monday, February 27, 2017

The depth psychology of paleontology

Re the heated debate over what happened to dinosaurs (and other life-forms) at the K-T boundary:

All this might seem to be the huff and puff of scientific debate, but what has surprised me is the vituperation with which the arguments have been prosecuted .  … It is a curious parallel  that the supposed violence of the Cretaceous end  is matched by the violence of the twentieth-century exchanges. … There is a degree of outrage here which is out of proportion to the stimulus. … I can suggest something darker and more subconscious as a reason for the anger:  this is the apocalypse.
-- Richard Fortey, Life (1998), p. 252-3

That gnawing sense that there is something here that does not lie on the surface, is examined at length in our essay:

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