Sunday, October 2, 2011

«Marche des salopes»

Yet another flower of American culture has been exported to France: the SlutWalk.  But apparently couture tends to be a bit more comme il faut over there, because, in the Figaro photo, the demoiselles do not appear to be dressed (to our jaundiced eye) in any particularly provocative way -- that snapshot could have been taken in any mall in America.   The only difference is that, on our shores, many of the ladies so attired would weigh a couple of hundred pounds.

And once again, the readers’ comments do not disappoint -- witty and linguistically interesting.

Chacun est libre de s'habiller comme il veut. Mais entre une jupe ras la pâquerette et une burqa, on devrait trouver un juste milieu..

This choice expression, “ras la pâquerette”, is new to me;  it is quite evocative.

~     ~     ~ 

In the anything-goes sectors of America, you have to push the envelope a little harder to get noticed.  In San Francisco, your Constitutional right to display your big hairy butt in public  is being spearheaded by middle-aged whiteskin fatguys:

O tempora, O ...  ahh, fageddaboudit.

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