Monday, October 17, 2011

De Imitatione Christi

(strange, this)

   You held up a stage coach in the rain
   And I'm doing the same
   Saw you hanging from a tree
   And I made believe it was me

The singing is amateurish beyond calculation.  Yet -- judge not lest ye be judged -- suffer little children to come unto Me !  Suddenly it is as if she is your very own daughter -- your heart goes out.

[Update June 2013]  The conspiracy of gray-faced deatheaters now blocks this video, with this note:  "Not available in your country."  What -- North Korea?  No, America.
[To view it, use an anonymizer, like TOR.]

-- OK no worries, here's another post of the same thing ("I'm Sticking With You", by the Velvet Underground).
~     ~      ~

And this -- as simple as can be, in singing, tune, and instrumentation:

("Juno" soundtrack; sung by Kimya Dawson.)
Complication comes in only later in the song, when it becomes a round.  And yet.... this canon-form we learn by kindergarten, with "Row, Row, Row Your Boat".   Elementary in each part, yet as a whole, giving even young children a glimpse of the infinite.

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