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An Intolerable Intrusion

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The lead article in this morning’s LATimes:

California schools scrambling to add lessons on LGBT Americans
Many are flummoxed about how to carry out a new law requiring California public schools to teach all students, from kindergartners to 12th-graders, about lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Americans.

School districts will have little help in navigating this sensitive and controversial change, which has already prompted some parents to pull their children out of public schools.

This virtually beggars comment;  so I shall stick to a couple of purely logical remarks.

(1)  Structurally, this is unlike any other educational goal, like teaching arithmetic, or algebra, or botany, or how to play the piano.   For it is not required -- indeed, not permitted -- to present an objective picture.  Rather, the requirement is to teach the doctrine peddled by this particular interest group.
A comparison:  I like penguins;  but would not wish the schools to require biology teachers to proclaim that penguins are “the King of Beasts”.

(2)  Biologically, there is no such thing as a “transgendered American”.   There are castrati, traditionally known as “eunuchs”.   They are not women; and it is an insult to your mother to pretend that they are.

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I almost despaired of posting this, seeing that our civilization may be corrupted past saving.  But lo -- check out the readers’ comments !    Apparently there are still some normal people left out in La-La Land. 

Some of these comments are factual and informative:

Why wasn't LGBT studies included with Sex Education classes, which are not offered to kindergardeners, at a savings of millions to California's taxpayers.
The California Education Code says that sex ed has to be approved by the school board in each separate school district and that parents have to sign written consent forms in order to have their kids taught about sex.  Hello?  Did we miss an important step here?  Hello?  Is SB48 trying to do an end run around the law? 
I wonder how many lawsuits this new law will inspire on both sides of the issue? I wonder how many millions and millions of dollars will be spent litigating this law one way or another. One side will of course say that schools go too far in implimenting this law and others will say that the schools do not properly impliment this law. Let the litigation begin. Just a thought.
Children with cleft palates, speech impediments and crossed eyes, kids who can't do chin ups or who always strike out at bat, kids who practice the violin or do extra credit homework, kids who are shy or introverted or who are just plain ugly - ALL have been bullied mercilessly by other children.  Where are their chapters?
Any grade school teacher would be insane to even attempt to teach this stuff to grade school kids.  Most of the kids will be confused, a lot will giggle, a lot will yell "Gross!", then they'll talk about it in the school yard, then they'll start labeling each other, then they'll play grab butt, then the parents will see their innocent child engaged in talks about sexual perversions.... 

Others were incensed:

As soon as one word is uttered about sexual activities to my grandchildren I will sue the school and school district. This is a violation of federal law after all. I mean if you have to be 13 to watch movies that just give a passing nod to sex then that law means it must be followed in the schools as well.
One more month and I can retire and leave this state. Thank god.  Oh, wait a minute. I'm not supposed to use that word.

Many were so wroth  I dare not quote them;  go and see for yourself.   Just one may serve as epitaph:

            The horror, the horror...

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[Update 22 October 2011] 
A brave and gentle intervention from a public-school teacher  -- not in (what is left of) California, but in New Jersey, whither the mildew has spread as well:  

He rises in defence of a fellow teacher, who, concerned about the filth that is being force-fed to her charges, and herself powerless to do a damn thing about it on the job, posted a demurral on Facebook -- and  is being persecuted for these opinions, though expressed outside of class. 
Any one of us  should feel chilled by this.

According to a novel legal theory from the paraphiliac lobby:

"She has a right to say it. But she does not have a right to keep her job after saying it."

(Nor a right to housing, nor a right to food, nor a right to medical care….) -- The founding fathers lose their wigs as they start in astonishment.

Our colleague, working in a climate of stifling political-correctness,  but himself legally trained, dissents.  He is mild in his phrasing.  I shall not be;  though I too might lose my job.   Fact is, gloves are off; better don the brass knuckles.   The traditional family, and the historical church, have a right  or rather a duty  to defend what is sacred  against the minions of Satan.

Si cela vous parle,
savourez la série noire
en argot authentique d’Amérique :

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[Update 19 November 2011]
Ah, well, if you can’t beat them, join them.   Here we offer a link to an appreciation of that celebrated sapphic icon, Gertrude Stein.  Our little ones will benefit no end by following her example.  (Just glide swiftly over what she said about Hitler in 1934.)

Another useful effect of the California law will be to fill in the time that would otherwise be left vacant, since we are dropping mention of people like that male imperialist Christopher Columbus (how many schools celebrate Columbus Day any more?), and  that racist Benjamin Franklin.

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Tired of marinating in a rehash of such squalid shenanigans?
Then bail out and read something timeless instead:
(For those not opting to do so --
We now return you to the folly of life here below.)

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