Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May Day -- May Day

[April 2013] Solidarity with workers in Bangladesh:

DHAKA, Bangladesh — Thousands of garment workers rampaged through industrial areas of the capital of Bangladesh on Friday, smashing vehicles with bamboo poles and setting fire to at least two factories in violent protests ignited by a deadly building collapse this week that killed at least 304 workers.

A latter-day Triangle-Shirtwaist.

And a heads-up to the workers and first-responders  of  West, Texas …

[Update, May Day 2013]   It was even more outrageous than was initially reported:

Mr. Rana existed largely above scrutiny. Many local people say his political clout was such that not even the police dared to confront him. Television stations reported the cracks in the building the night before it collapsed, but no local authority prevented Mr. Rana from opening the building the next morning.

[Update 3 May 2013]
   Death Toll in Bangladesh Collapse Tops 500

Far more than in the Boston marathon …

[Update 5 May]
Likewise in Texas, it should have come as no surprise:

The Texas fertilizer plant, targeted for years by thieves who wanted anhydrous ammonia to produce drugs, reportedly had no fence, alarms, or guards. Yet state regulators raised few security concerns before the deadly blast.

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