Monday, May 20, 2013

Doctor Justice Strikes it Rich !!!

In an immediate and stinging response to Yahoo’s ham-handed acquisition of Tumblr for $1.1 billion, a corporate giant which for now must remain nameless  but which rhymes with “Schmoogle”  has bid a reported $1.2 trillion for The World of Dr Justice.  Predictably, riots have broken out in the streets.

In the words of a spokesperson for the corporation whose name also rhymes with “Bloogle”:

In clumsily acquiring Tumblr, Yahoo has purchased nothing but 100 million “eyeballs”.   Who wants eyeballs?  Yuk -- disgusting.
What is needed is synapses -- sleek, intelligent nets of neurons.  And this is what you’ll find at WDJ.    From Trinitarian Minimalism  to Cantorian Realism,  from penguins to hamsters, the World of Dr Justice  is the cream of the (as the French put it) crème.

Details of the pact have yet to be worked out, but the basic outlines of the deal seem certain.  (At least, assuming that the offer someone left on my answering-machine wasn’t just some prank or hoax.)

[Flash update -- 22 May 2013]   The corporation not-quite-known-as “Fnoogle” has unexpectedly withdrawn from the bidding  as its offer was suddenly trumped by that of a shadowy entity known only by the covername “Urysohn”.  Details when these become available.

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