Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Legalistic legerdemain

Cases like the following bring especial despair, since courts are supposed to be the final bulwark against our misdeeds.   Even Presidents and magnates  are subject to the Law.  Sed qui custodiet ipsos custodes?

(1)  Yet another ludicrous legal hijacking from Texas, in which Apple is shaken down by an obscure shell-entity, that makes no products, and contributes nothing to the world, but has learned how to exploit U.S. patent law and the art of venue-shopping.   And why?  Here’s why:

The company is located in Tyler, Texas, two blocks from the courthouse where the trial was held.

(That area of Texas is legally notorious.)
Not holding any special brief for Apple, here;  simply for legal sanity.
Here is an earlier case in which Apple was the aggressor:

(2)   Italy strikes another blow for … what?
At first blush, you read this, and think:  Good, judges will be held accountable for gross misdeeds.

But when you realize that there is now a financial incentive for frivolous lawsuits against any judge against whom someone might hold a grudge … you pause.  And when you consult Italy’s history of “holding someone legally accountable” … Consider the harassing of Italian seismologists:

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