Saturday, July 22, 2017

Axial-gravitational anomaly experimentally verified!

From the morning’s press:

The axial–gravitational anomaly should destroy the symmetry of particular kinds of particles that usually come in mirror-image pairs. The kinds of conditions needed to prove this unusual breakdown of a fundamental ‘conservation law’ can’t be created in a laboratory. But the researchers exploited a peculiar parallel between gravity and temperature to create a lab analogue of the anomaly in niobium phosphide crystals. Inside the crystal, the effect is as if a drawerful of pairs of gloves were suddenly to acquire an excess of right-handed gloves because some of the left-handed ones had switched handedness.

But … exactly that effect has been repeatedly observed in our own household, especially over winter! 
The effect is statistically too strong to be due to chance.
It’s a nuisance, too.  I’ve tried auctioning off the extra left-hand-gloves on eBay at very reasonable prices (more than half off the price of the original pair), but no takers.

Possibly there is an excess of right-hand-gloves in, say, Australia.  Some enterprising arbitrageur could make a mitt, I meant a mint.

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