Saturday, July 1, 2017

Are *you* ready for: The Hot Dog Experience ??

We earlier chronicled the depths to which the New York Times can sink, in trumpeting the self-licking gourmandise  endemic among the bobos of Paris:

This morning, a trio of chroniqueuses go down-market, selecting the top news of the week’s stories, the tippy-top of which is this one, showing that the gooey pleasures of the Gluttony of Delicacy  are available  even to those who merely chow down on weiners:

That First Crisp Bite
Can Make or Break the Hot Dog Experience’

Contributions for victims who have suffered  a broken Hot Dog Experience  can be sent to this address.   (Contributions in Swiss francs, please, in lieu of flowers.)

M-my h-hot dog wasn't c-crisp ...

[Update Sunday]

Predictably, the WaPo weighs in with a front-page tearjerker about a woman who had the misfortune to bite down on the wrong end of a frankfurter.   “It’s not about the money -- it’s about the families,” she sobbed.

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