Sunday, December 19, 2010

Operation Humble Woodchuck: a progress report

Thanks to all of you who sent in lengthy dithyrambs about our chubby forest friend.  We won’t Publish them all, lest the Googlepolice suspect we’re trying to game the system.   If they catch you doing that, they suspend you from the Crawler, and you shrivel up and die.  So we must proceed ve-ry sly-ly and unobtrusively -- like our buddy of the underbrush, the Humble Hedgehog.

Anyhow, so far, not so good.  A search on “humble woodchuck” does not bring up this site on the first page, nor the second, nor the third… Worse, right in the middle of the very first page we find a hit with the title “Is this a Premature Ejaculation Problem?” , together with a most baffling snippet of text, “the woodchuck is using you for sex”  (don’t wanna know).

And so, comrades, we shall have to strive harder.  And remember:  The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog -- heck, the hedgehog’s cute, he don’t need to know nothin.

1 comment:

  1. It does now appear on the third page of returns. It is the 23rd return. on "humble woodchuck" between quotes.

    Not bad, Dr. Justice. Not bad.