Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Humble Woodchuck

A ways down the page  you may find a parable (“Constructivist Angelology”), featuring our furry friend, the Humble Woodchuck. He even appears as a Label.  (Click on this Label, and you will discover a world of joy.)
Simply wishing to ascertain whether that post had yet been indexed, I searched on the phrase in Google (which had been somewhat behindhand in Crawling this new site):  and found, to my surprise and delight,  oodles upon dozens of returns for this tasty phrase!   Only -- whether Your Servant’s site be among them, could not be discovered, so numerous were they in their numerosity.

So:  What can we do, to bubble that hit towards the top?

For myself, I offer this little keywordy essay.
            How humble is the woodchuck,  in his humility!   Humble, humble, humble, humble, as he stumbles and bumbles along!  --  Say, j’evver hear this one?  A Humble Woodchuck and a Humble Hedgehog walk into a bar;  but neither has the gumption to order anything.  Now, that’s humble!

And as for you -- you too can do your part!
Simply set up a little program to automatically log in to the site and post appreciative Comments, every five minutes of every day!   That way the Google-monster will be impressed, and anyone who searches on “spurn the affordances of mere reason” or “the Museum of Particular Results”, will come straight here!  Win-win.


  1. humble woodchuck humble woodchuck humble woodchuck

  2. Woody the WoodchuckJune 17, 2014 at 6:06 PM

    Hey, what's with this? *I'm* a woodchuck and I'm **proud**!!!