Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Healing of Jesus

For Christ he was both Man and God;
as God by death our sins hath bought.

Oh Christ he was both God and Man:
the man felt fear and frost and pain.

            ~            ~            ~

A dusty road then Jesus trod
with sandals only was he shod

He felt a touch upon his clothes,
and lo alarm within him rose.

Noli me tangere

He sensed a touch upon his clout,
and felt some virtue going out.

He spied the people on the path,
and turned to them a face of wrath.

"Who touched me?" cried the Christ aloud
and sternly stared among the crowd.

No answer came.  His face was black.
The chosen and the mass fell back.

His men exchanged uneasy look.
Then one of them arose and spoke.

"O master, see the pressing throng,
so close ye move  the crowd among,

jostled, chivvied, begged of, budged --
Can ye then ask  who you hath touched?"

Behold, from out the crowd there stepped
a woman trembling, knelt and wept.

"Lord, that was I, who without leave
reached out, for that I did believe

a touch might heal   what physic's leech
lo these twelve year  had failed to reach."

He stares at her; and gasps;  he sees
her faith has healed her of disease.

Renewed she stands there, washed and pure.
Nor none but faith has wrought the cure.
He moans to know  the power he hath:
behold the faithful, healed by faith!

His eyes roll back, he starts to sway,
and silently  begins to pray.

"With men I read and teach thy Word,
and with them pray, `Who art thou, Lord?'

Yet now I raise another cry
O Lord my God, tell: Who am I ?"

The answer came; we draw the veil.
What then was said  man cannot tell.

            ~            ~            ~

Then round about, the crowd felt peace,
and knew that one was touched with grace.

He gazed on her with eyes so mild.
"Thy faith hath healed thee; go, my child."


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