Saturday, March 26, 2011

This morning’s gleanings from the political pooper-scooper

Massive assault takes down key terrorist:
Your tax dollars at work

Not your tax dollars, this time.

A democratic election in sub-Saharan Africa, conducted without violence, the result certified by a wide range of international observers.  But le prĂ©sident sortant  refuse de sortir.
This one would be on the front page, if newspapers had six or seven front pages:
Oddly, WaPo has its own bylined article on the subject this morning, but it is almost impossible to find on its Web site.  I found this by googling the name of the reporter:

"Only suckers pay taxes":
This one’s puzzling, from the standpoint of political psychology.  You would imagine that GE -- which can pretty much structure its balance sheet any way it wants -- would carefully arrange to pay at least some token US taxes, so as to deny the New York Times the headline that it pays none.    This is beyond brazen:  part and parcel of the new ethos of greed without shame.
Workers, meet you in Tahrir Square.

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