Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Taking a Breather

The trickle of traffic   does not alas justify continuing with quasi-daily posting, which has been the rhythm of this site since its inception.   I’ll check back from time to time, and see if things have picked up; if they do, I might resume the project, “Theologia Mathematica” in particular.

In the meantime, you will find much food for thought in what has already been posted.  Browse around.   Click on labels, for thematic continuity.  And please -- if something strikes your fancy, pass it on.  There is doubtless an audience out there somewhere for Cantorian Realism and penguinistics and what have you, though they form but a set of measure zero in the wide world as a whole.  Perhaps you have a cousin who is Cantorian-inclined; who in turn has an in-law, who once met a guy at a party, who’s a raving Realist.  Six degrees of separation and all that.

Au revoir/ adieu / (on verra).


  1. I will miss my daily dose of new vocabulary and unique humor. I will have to peruse previous posts for brain stimulation.

  2. OH-O-kay. Bless you both.
    I'll post a couple of parables.