Friday, May 13, 2011

One Tooth Scully

I am currently reading, with great enjoyment, Christine Stansell’s insightful and gracefully written American Moderns (2000), where we read (p. 136) about Ben Reitman’s championing of such American legends as “Gin Ricky Jack, Hot Tamale Kelly, One Tooth Scully.”    Wishing to learn more about the last-named (too little known among the schoolchildren of today), I resorted to Google -- short circuit, dead end.  Nothing.   This giant of hobostan seems lost to history.

By great good fortune, my rascally friend Mike Murphy  was long an intimate of this monodental marvel;  and in the interest of preserving our cherished heritage for succeeding generations, I intend to ply Mr. Murphy with numerous beers, in tandem and in parallel, to loosen his tongue  anent this oft-forgotten behemoth of this young nation’s early years.

Stay tuned.

[Update IV 2014]  This just in:
Turns out One-Tooth Scully  was Best-Buddies  with One-Eyed Reilley.

“In the country of the blind,
the one-eyed man is king.”


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