Friday, October 10, 2014

Back-Deck Epiphanies

(1)   Tableau !

A bird perched, perfectly.
-- Perfect!  Do not try to describe it!
It is as it is  and as  ever it was:

A perfect bird.

(2)  Take that, e.e.c. !

what if a much of a which of a wind …
-- Yeh well:  what if a which of a much of a,   didn’t , hmmmm ???
Jevver think a that, mr smar-T-pants ?????

(3)  Quick Visit

(nodding, reading,  in the failing
light …)

-- At once,  from no Where,
a Sound   sudden   FILLS  all the air !

Unsuspecting, suspecting nothing,
a black-capped chickadee
but three feet  from me.
and unleashes his fine full-throated call,
startlingly robust   for one so small …

yet then,  perceiving (with imaginable alarm)
an huge and uncouth, possibly ornithophagous
three feet away from he,
-- flies off.

At which I -- sighingly --
break into song,
tweeting t-tinily,  countertenórously ,
as best I might, from these unwieldy lungs,

Return, O my sweetest -- Return !!”

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