Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Limbo Stick

The year was 1962;  America still had a year or so to go, in friendly frivolous teen and pre-teen revels, before the disaster at Dealey Plaza  drew the curtain across such carefree ways  for aye.    All the teenies and tweenies were wriggling and writhing to the beat:

Jack be limbo, Jack be quick
Jack go unda limbo stick
All around the limbo clock
Hey, let's do the limbo rock

Limbo lower now
Limbo lower now
How low can you go?

-- Chubby Checker, “Limbo Rock”


And now, in our own times (the moon, a ghastly leprous white, intermittently visible through slashes in the thunderclouds), we again are confronted with that question, though now in a different key.

How low can you go?

How low can you go??

How low can you go???

Answer:  Very low indeed; facilis descensus Averno.

Prominently featured in this morning’s French press:

Éloïse Bouton comparaît mercredi devant la justice pour «exhibition sexuelle». En décembre 2013, elle avait fait intrusion seins nus dans l'église de la Madeleine et simulé un avortement avant de souiller les lieux d'urine.
Elle termine son «happening» à la sauce Femen en urinant devant une assemblée interdite. Sur sa poitrine est inscrit un message en référence au «manifeste des 343 salopes», en faveur de l'avortement. «Noël est annulé! Du Vatican à Paris. Le relais international de Femen contre les campagnes anti-avortement menées par le lobby catholique continue, la sainte mère Éloïse vient d'avorter de l'embryon de Jésus sur l'autel de la Madeleine», communique alors le mouvement Femen sur les réseaux sociaux.

The mealy-mouthed charges here are merely for “exhibitionism”;  but you can be certain that, had the perpetrators been from the milieu of the Manif pour tous, and the target of this vicious display been Judaism or Islam, they would already be in prison, denounced from all sides.

I tried looking up this story in Google News, but all it returned were French accounts:  the anglophone media are so far apparently mum (or else  for some reason  Google refuses to index the English media that do reference the story, content to return zero  rather than let them have their say.)

The group had earlier perpetrated an outrage against Notre-Dame de Paris.  In that case, the French legal system let them go scot-free.   Not that the courts can’t be tough when it suits their politics:

Le tribunal, dans une insulte au bon sens, a condamné à une amende les gardiens de la cathédrale jugés coupables d'un comportement trop brutal envers les activistes du groupe Femen.

(Weiteres zum Thema hier.)

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