Saturday, October 18, 2014

Down the Drain

Even as ISIL pushes the bounds of savagery in their attack against all that is not Takfiri-Salafi, certain forces in the West seem bent upon demonstrating that, indeed, our cultural corruption has reached such a point that we are past saving.   Nor are these forces merely marginal;  they currently rule France.

Here are just the latest provocations from the socialos. 
(Note:  I use the French slang term here  in preference to the official word socialiste, since the Hollande crew have little to do with traditional socialism, and nothing at all to do with the international working class.   To apply the term to their antics, would be to sully it.)

(1)  On nous prend pour des cruches.

Smack in the middle of the Place Vendôme, the socialo mayor of Paris had a monstrosity installed (using taxpayer funds).   She then had the effrontery to pretend that it depicts a “tree”;  whereas in fact (as the artist itself stated to Le Monde), it is nothing less than a giant “butt plug”:

Most of us had previously been unaware of the existence of this paraphiliac sex-toy, but now the socialos are rubbing our faces in it.

In France, the sculpture was titled “Sapin de Noël”, thus  as an added benefit  degrading the holiday that celebrates the birth of our Lord.  Those who pretend that the thing is just a stylized tree, take us for idiots.   Here is another work by the same soi-disant ‘artist’, titled “Train”:

I don’t think that is actually a real train.

(Note:  Back in days more innocent than our own, when it still was licit  to speak aloud, a very few  warned that celebrating pedicatio might lead, in time,  to countenancing theriophilia.   For that, they were roundly denounced.  But the monstrosity above is Exhibit A.)

Fortunately, a French citizen with some gumption did not take all this lying down, and (literally) pulled the plug on the giant inflatable affront to the republic:

The Plug, in a state of detumescence

This invert truly has a fecal obsession;  and a spineless public, cowed into submission in the face of repeated paraphiliac assaults, allows itself to be almost literally shat upon.  Here is another of the perpetrator’s public installations, tolerated by the taxpayers:

(2)  The second mistress of the abject Hollande (de son vrai titre, “Madame le Président”), having pushed out the first mistress, was later herself dumped for yet another presidential plaything;  out of spite, she published a sordid tell-all (or invent-all) potboiler.   The bienpensant press gallantly refers to her as the “former first lady”;  that she is not, nor really even an ‘lady’ tout court.  Here is one of her latest antics:

Valerie Trierweiler
at Jean-Luc and Christophe's wedding anniversary party
at the Banana Cafe in Paris

The ‘newlyweds’, as you might guess, are ipsigeneric.

More here, including an account of her latest physical assault against yet another female rival:

(3)  The attack on the family  proceeds apace:

Pour garder vos allocations familiales, un conseil : divorcez !
Pour l'historien Benoît Pellistrandi, la gauche abuse de l'argument de l'autorité pour justifier l'écrasement fiscal des familles.

Some reader comments:

les féministes de la gauche caviar et laïcarde continuent de dézinguer la famille !!
Touraine détruit les couples, Hollande n'est pas marié donc il s'en fout.

More on Le suicide français:

For further glimpses of the truly desperate state of morality in France:

Aux armes, chrétiens!

[Update 19 October 2014]  Plans to transfer the butt-plug to the Vatican  and to reinflate it in St Peter’s Square, as a sign of pastoral welcoming to the vibrant diversity of Christendom, have been canceled at the objections of those bishops who have not yet taken leave of their senses.

[Update 6 Sept 2015]  First, a giant, publically subsidized butt-plug; and now, a dehiscent machin named “Dirty Corner”;  in the article below it is referred to as “le Vagin de la Reine” : which we might translate, having recourse to an earlier English, as “the Queen’s Quim” (or perhaps the quean’s, given the context.)   And some socialo invert thought it cute to plop it down  smack in the middle of the gardens of Versailles:

The drain down to hell (paid for by your tax francs)

The strategy of these publically-funded paraphiliacs, is to keep pushing the envelope (by now already well-bent), to see how much the public will stand for;   this is the technique of the ‘Frog in the Crock-Pot’.   And once again, some hardy soul among the citizenry has meet that egregious defacement of the public square, with a defacement of the defilement itself.

[Nebenbei]  The multikulti Kurturministerin (like Taubira  a twofer, and by her heritage foreign to the grand siècle whose monuments she defiles) indignently defended the Muschi-Machwerk (dass ich es so nenne).   As a PS-approved PC person, is she happy with its title, “Dirty Corner” (deutsch:  "dreckige Ecke") or that rust-riven depiction, of the late queen's  ce-que-je pense  (in Gigi's schoolgirl phrase) ?  Trump's "her wherever" was gallant by comparison!

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