Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Mathematical Epigrams

Last Man Standing:  a firefight implementation of the Euclidean Algorithm.

The Gunslinger's Dilemma


Hotel California:  an ergodic set.

Checkout time:  Doomsday


A person wearing a T-shirt that says “I’m with Stupid” is termed co-stupid.
A co-stupid person who is himself stupid  is termed bi-stupid.

Example of a non-stupid module showing
Universal Co-Stupidity

Just as there is a universal element in the Category of Co-stupidity, so too the dual category of Bi-stupidity has a universal element;  his name is Donald Trump.

Note that this does not imply that Trump himself is maximally stupid, nor even that he is especially stupid at all.  All that is required is that he qualify (marginally) as stupid (which isn’t hard to do, since stupidity appears to be nearly universal these days, a fact not lost on the Republican Presidential candidates, who have learned specifically to target that demographic).  Indeed, as it happens, he seems to be cleverer than most.

Note:  The Boolean inverse of stupidity is smartness.  A detailed proposal for developing this  can be found here:

For more on the mathematical theory of stupidity, try this:

     De Stultitiâ

For the concept "pseudo-stupid", here:

     Difficulty is Hard.

For more on the pataphysical theory of categories, this:


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