Thursday, December 31, 2015

Old chestnuts, roasted afresh

Q:  Do bears poop in the woods?
A:  Actually no.  It is rumored that they used to, and perhaps the occasional wayward baby bear still does;  but modern bears use chemical port-a-potties, like everyone else.

Q:  Is the Pope Catholic?
A:  Actually not.  It is a central tenet of Catholicism that, in matters of faith and dogma, Catholics must acknowledge themselves subordinate to the Pope;  and the Pope can hardly be subordinate to himself:  that would be a logical contradiction.
Never thought of that, did you?  So, while His Holiness no doubt cherishes fond memories of having once been Catholic, and retains friendly feelings towards the faith even still, he is not himself --strictly speaking -- actually Catholic.

Q:  Why is the sky blue?
A:  It isn’t.  It’s black -- go out any night and see for yourself.
As for the blueish glow that some people fancy they see at other times (except when cloudcover removes the illusion), that is simply a side-effect of light-pollution.

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