Sunday, January 7, 2018

Welcome to Dr J’s “satire-free safe-space”

A senior Administration official (whose name, at present, escapes me -- senior moment), refuting innuendos to the contrary, has announced to the world that he is in fact  a “very stable genius”.  For the benefit of l’homme moyen sensuel  who may be unfamiliar with the arcana of Stability Theory and Stanford-Binet, he has kindly paraphrased this as “like, very smart”  (“like” is here evidently a vernacular equivalent of anglicè  -- itself a rare expression which means, in plain English, ‘in plain English’).

In line with our autumn-years vow of abjuring the high-jinx of satire, rather than make merry over that frank self-assessment (in either of its formulations)  we shall see what we can learn from the incident, as regards our own tardigrade character-development.   And indeed we find, after much self-searching, that we are what might be described as

“a metastable oligophreniac”

Definition and exemplification  here:

Afterthought:  For those of you who might be saddened that we have donned the robes of penitence, and laid aside forever  the nib of wit,  you can here scroll through our earlier, pre-repentance efforts (which we now roundly renounce):

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  1. “very stable genius”... paraphrased this as “like, very smart”

    His target audience is people whose only contact with the word 'genius' is in its meaning of "Apple store employee".