Saturday, August 13, 2011

Frontiers of ethnology

NPR just had a thinkpiece on race/nationalism/ingroup-outgroup etc.  Definitely a subject worth pondering.  But their idea of getting a “scientific” handle on the whole affair  was to interview some academic whose specialty is studying chimpanzees, but who was perfectly happy to pull further conclusions out of his fundament in the interest of fifteen seconds of fame.

In the classic phrase of the Jamies:  “I’m sorry teacher, but -- Zip your lip.”

Fortunately for the fair-and-balanced view, I have myself just completed a large and well-funded longitudinal-latitudinal-attitudinal study of the foraging and mating behavior of wild populations of sociobiologists and neuroscientists.   And can report that these untidy and ill-smelling beasts are remarkably focussed on their own faeces, which they regularly fling at normal decent working-people while hopping up and down and scratching their armpits.  Also Sprach die Wissenschaft.

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