Saturday, August 6, 2011

Meet the Monotheme

[updated; originally posted 22 May 2011]

In our ongoing exploration/celebration of Minimalism, we pause to observe the umpty-somethingth anniversary of Max Bodenheim’s celebrated manifesto proclaiming the Monotheme School of Poetry.  Let Albert Parry tell it (in Garrets and Pretenders, 1933):

The sheet angrily called the world’s attention to the fact that poets were writing on too many themes.  Poets should unite and write about one single topic, to be assigned each month by RenĂ© D’or, the great shaman of the Monotheme School.

Hear, hear.  Aristotelian unities and all that.

This month’s  topic:  Monotremes.  And preferably: monostichs on monotremes.
Personally, I shall write of nothing else.

[Those interested in a glimpse of the lost world chronicled by Parry, may consult the account of Murphy's descent to the netherworld.]

~    ~    ~

[Update 6 Aug 2011]
The response to this ukase by the world poetry community was disappointing.  In fact, only two valid poems were written during this period on the entire planet;  and I was obliged to write them both myself.  
Here they are.

~   lo !   It’s Mister Echidna.    lo !   ~

~   happy, the platypus     paddles in his pond  ~

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