Saturday, August 6, 2011

The New Republican Plan for Combatting Unemployment

In the words of mighty Donald the Trump:
~~  “We must learn from History, that the condemned might repeat it.”  ~~
So let us us turn back the age-ambered pages of the annals, we see what we might find.   And lo!  Behold, at that golden time at the end of the first millennium, this:
Desperate poor men  sometimes sold themselves or their children into slavery, presenting themselves in church  with a rope round their necks, and a penny on their heads.
            -- Morris Bishop, The Middle Ages (1968), p. 35
In the view of the House Caucus on the Re-Deployment of Labor, that bit about the rope is a nice touch.  However, the fee of the penny must be considerably increased, to cover processing costs.
Candidates for such preferment are advised to present themselves on Wall Street, along with all their wordly goods,  in a long, long, single line …….
(Thus far the voice of 'conservatism', Las-Vegas-style. For a contrary opinion from a wild-eyed radical, click here.)

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