Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Jack Bauer School of Interrogation

The ‘ticking bomb’ scenario, so often evoked, is rather extreme and artificial; but it does sometimes arise.  Recently in Germany:  threatening (though not actually abusing) a kidnapper who had clammed up on where he’d stowed the child.  The perp didn't break in time; the child died.  And the courts ruled for the kidnapper:

Some background:

-- Incidentally.  Jack Bauer and Mike Murphy  became acquainted  after they both retired.
For their beery reminiscences, click here:

Watch Jack try -- and fail -- to break a particularly tough customer:

Jack gets a taste of his own medicine:

From the Nazi archives ... actual footage of Jack's exploits as a young Marine !

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  1. Yes, examining the ethics of investigative torture is a swell way to dissect relative morality.