Saturday, February 22, 2014

An Introduction to Cinematic Literacy

How does one “read” a movie?  Let our experts fill you in!

Q:  What are: mise en scène, jump cut, establishing shot, dolly zoom?
A:  That’s all just technical stuff.  Buy more popcorn.

Q:  What am I supposed to feel as I view these cinematic images?
A:  Don’t worry -- the music soundtrack will evoke the appropriate emotions.

Q:  How can an actor who, in real life, is a decent guy, play a really-really evil character?
A:  It’s impossible, really.  You run a real risk, taking roles like that.  Look at Heath Ledger.

Q:  Which am I to accept as gospel truth:  everything I see on the silver screen (the Ronald Reagan Doctrine)  or whatever I hear about on the Internet (the Joe Sixpack Hypothesis)?
A:  Both.
Q:  What if they contradict each other?
A:  They don’t.
Q:  But what if they do?
A:  Then they are complementary parts of a larger truth.

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