Friday, February 21, 2014

Footnote to a re-Update

To our essay 

(which we commend to your attention)  we have just added the following, quite minor paragraph:

On provisional/dialectical definition:

Karl Menger wrote, in a series of papers on foundational questions  published in 1928:

Dabei möchte ich betonen, daß ich das Wort ‘Konstruktivität’ für ein  wenn überhaupt, so  vermutlich  auf verschiedene Arten und in verschiedenen Abstufungen  präzisierbares (bisher noch nicht präzisiertes)  Wort halte.
-- quoted in Dennis Hesseling, Gnomes in the Fog:  The Reception of Brower’s Intuitionism in the 1920s (2003), p. 199

(For logophiles only:  Let us here salute and savor  that phrase,  “ein  wenn überhaupt, so …”   Impossible to translate this into English  in so compact a compass.)

The point here being merely:   With such nourishing tidbits  to chew on,
why do you even bother  to watch TV ???

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