Sunday, February 2, 2014

Let Joy B Unconfined !

What are those strains of merrymaking, now drifting across the moors?  Is it the peasants, getting an early start on Superbowl tailgating?   Has word finally got round of our stunning new proof of the Riemann Hypothesis?  -- No!!  ‘Tis naught but the singing, dancing throng, celebrating

nom nom yummie !

In honor of this glorious day, our friend Pyesetz the Pup  has promised not to go hunting for hedgehogs for a while, though it is something that  otherwise  dogs like to do.

So let us rejoice together.  As Pliny the Elder famously put it … mmm … hanh …… Well, bother Pliny the Elder.   As Casey Stengel put it:

A hedgehog a day
keeps the fantods away.

For our own lucubrations on the thrilling subject of hedgehogs, try this:

For a similar holiday of unadulterated joy:

And for some very special hamsters (the hedgehogs’ special friends):

[Note:  Those special hamsters are Hilbert Hamsters.   Hedgehogs, by contrast, are not so neatly mathematical:  considered as manifolds, they are nowhere differentiable;  too prickly.  If that fact makes you sad, click here for some differentiable penguins.]

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