Monday, May 5, 2014

Update to the “Lost Fragment”

It has come to our attention that certain unsavory elements, as deficient in judgment as in personal hygiene, have dared cast aspersions upon the otherwise universally acknowledged authenticity of the “Lost Fragment of ‘Our Mutual Friend”,  which it was our good fortune to have had the privilege of revealing  to an expectant world.  Certain so-called “graphological experts” -- well, we shall not weary you with the details.

In trenchant refutation of all such criticasters, herewith attested samples of (on the left) an undoubted Dickensian manuscript;  and, on the right, that of the fragment in question, which came into our possession (d’une manière  un tant soit peut  rocambolesque)  in one of the back-streets of Geneva:

No sane man could doubt  that these are from the same hand


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