Friday, May 30, 2014

Maryland man trapped in his own home !!

Right now I’d like to go out on the back deck, and begin the tantalizing book that just arrived in the mail (the philosopher Collingwood’s Autobiography), in the shaded sunshine and the wafting breeze, 
with a glass of the blushful, and a little plate of sunflower seeds,
and all the weekend before me.

But ….

right …. there, on the deck,
is the world’s most adorable smallsoft Miss Minisquirrel,
with her own little seedtreat,
tailcurled, pawposed,
nibbling, nibbling
(such tiny bites!)
and I cannot bear to scare her away.

Of course, she might take it in a nice way,
particularly if she sees my plate of seeds
(which I am willing to share).
“See?  I eat seeds, like thee.
I do not gobble squirrels.”

But more likely  she would flee,
traumatized, never to return,
breathlessly telling all her forestfriends
what a mean man lives in the house on the hill.

And so she grazes, finding evernew yummysomethings,
edging ever closer and closer to the house,

while I sit hopeless/helpless,
gazing through the glass,

thinking (now with the brain of a boysquirrel),
Will  U   mar-ry  me …. ???”

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