Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Stochastic Rabbit Chromodynamics

I was sitting at ease on the back porch, in the gathering dusk, with a drink at my left hand, and a pencil in my right;  reading, as it happens, about Quantum Field Theory.  I mention this detail  merely by way of explaining how it came to be that I was wearing only my reading, and not my distance glasses.   Thus I was instrumentally impaired as regards the strange events that soon ensued,  rather like Particle Physicists before the advent of the Large Hadron Collider.

All at once, as if out of nowhere (in the image, as it were, of the Creation-Operator; though more specifically, through a hole in the hedge), there appeared a rabbit -- or rather, given the limitations of our equipment, a soft beige bunny-blur.   (Sort of a Heisenberg hare.)  "Gavagai!" I said to myself (**);  and stared.  -- On the other side (unseen), a mean dog is making horrible barking noises.  Bad, bad dog!

[**:  The translation of this manifold-ambiguous ejaculation, in these field-conditions, would indeed be, not “Lo! Rabbithood again”, but something like “Lo! A rabbit-instanton” or even “Behold, a rabbity-patch!”.]

Given these initial conditions, one would have predicted that the frightened rabbit would have continued to accelerate, streaking off out of view;  but no.  The bunny did not scuttle-and-run, but settled down peacefully on the spot.  Somehow, she seems to feel safe, here within the nice man’s hedged perimeter. 

The textbook, meanwhile, has yielded to the force of gravity, and subsided lifeless upon my lap.   I stare in the direction of the location of the bunny (to within experimental error).

Omigosh!  The bunny is washing her face with her furry pawsies!  Amid other cutenesses.

(Mind you, I can’t precisely see that, owing to the crude granularity of my present electro-optical apparatus, but can deduce it from certain fluctuations in the hare’s Hamiltonian, together with various interference-effects.
In much the same sense, our perception and positing of coffee-cups  is epistemologically inferential, and ultimately based on faith.
Since my vision of QFT is even dimmer than my myopic perception of distant objects, the bunny-blur is perfectly satisfying.)

Eventually the dog stops barking (go bury a bone, Fido), yet the bunny still placidly remains in place.  Contented, feeling secure.  The bunny can pick up my love-waves with her special tall antenna-ears.

Bunny, picking up signals

Eventually, having errands elsewhere, Miss Bunny goes hip-hoppity off,  leaving behind  a friend for life.

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