Thursday, June 4, 2015

Tempest in a Coke Can

The last time a can of Diet Coke™ caused an international incident, was when then-Presidential candidate Mitt Romney, attempting a triumphal diplomatic tour, offended his English hosts:

We may wince when the blithering toff, or want-wit, as Shakespeare would say, arrives at the Brits’ home and throws his Cherry Coke Zero can in the prize rose bushes.
He came across like a wazzock, as The Daily Telegraph called him

thus causing the British empire to tremble, and setting diplomacy back eight hundred years.

And now the liberal world is thrilling with indignation over the sad fate of a Muslim self-publicist, whom a stewardess served an opened can of Diet Coke, whereas she would have preferred it to be unopened (gasp -- No!);  and, perhaps modeling herself on the celebrated airborne Chinese dowager who had some complaint or other about the peanuts and practically hijacked the plane in protest, the Muslim woman decided to make a stink about it, and was rewarded with front-page treatment, complete with flattering photographs of herself (her face unveiled -- which would probably get her beheaded, were she ever to fall into the hands of ISIL).   The media lapped it up;  lips were pursed, heads shaken.

As so often, the readers are more perceptive than the reporter:

Interesting pattern here at the LA Times. Two breaking stories about the would-be Muslim terrorist killed by cops in Boston have vanished into relative obscurity: + Meanwhile, this story about Muslims as "victims" remains at the top of the website. Very interesting indeed...
Has anyone notice that no one has asked the stewardess what happened. Everything is based off the what the chaplain said happened?
It worked so well for Rolling Stones Magazine
Why all of a sudden now is everything all about Muslims?
Thousands of Christians are being killed in the Middle East and there is hardly ever any significant news coverage ......

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