Thursday, June 4, 2015

Global Primate Change

A beguilingly presented, but ultimately disturbing report, describes the burgeoning activity of a firm that manufactures meals consisting of ground-up insects (with spices added, to keep you from throwing up):

This company is located in that capital of world cuisine,  France.
(This gives a whole new connotation to the celebrated Hôtel Grillon of Paris, whose menu soon may feature “Grillons grillés à la mode de Bangui”.  A new entree as well, for the "paleo diet".)

Best with ketchup ...

The presenters joked somewhat nervously about all this, adding that, after all, our planet already has so-and-so-many billions of mouths  (most of them well outside Europe though increasingly craning their necks in that direction) with billions more on the way.  So that demographically, the thing starts to look, not far-fetched, but inevitable.

And suddenly we are swept by the horror of it, worse by far than simply Hannibal ante portas  -- vast broiling locust-swarms, rolling towards the boreal, and bringing with them their own cuisine.
The criquets pélerins foretokening the criquets migratoires

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