Saturday, October 31, 2015

Jokes in Progress

(1) An alcoholic and a teetotaller  walk into a bar

(2)  A fish flops up towards the shore, evolves a kind of stumps, painfully drags itself up the sand, evolving legs in the process, and eventually a bipedal (though shuffling) gait, and finally, upright, with features distinctly European,
walks into a bar.

(3)  A man with tattered shirt and trousers  has been marooned on a desert island -- for quite some time, judging by his beard.   The island is bare of everything, except for one lone palm tree. 
Finally, it occurs to the man  to glance behind the tree, whereupon he espies:  a bar.
He walks into it.

(4)  A midget and a Scotsman walk into a bar.
The bar turns out to house, in its interior, another, much smaller bar. 
The midget walks into it;  the Scotsman looking on helplessly.

(5)  A penguin walks … and walks … and walks …


In a top-secret laboratory, our technicians are working to perfect these jokes. 

Dr J’s Joke-Works

But the work is costly and time-consuming, and we receive no government funding (and only paltry amounts from the Illuminati, whose sense of humor is  in any event  quite dim).   But YOU can support this needful work!   Simply ..

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