Wednesday, October 7, 2015

North Pole prepares for massive influx

As the masses of undocumented (or counterfeit-documented) immigrants  continue to roll over Europe, the strategy has been consistent:  we might dub it Delayed Dominoes.   In each case, the impacted state follows the following playbook:

(1) First, make a show of putting up some resistence, defending your borders.
(2)  Wheel around 180 degrees, let everyone in with no delay or identity-check, whoosh them onto free trains or buses heading north.   End of problem.

This strategy has been followed, to their own satisfaction, successively by Greece, Macedonia, Croatia, Hungary, and Austria.  Each waves the hordes onwards, till they pile up in Germany.


This morning brought some long-overdue news:  Bavaria, whose Munich Bahnhof was the central distribution point for teddy-bears by much-photographed smiling, even ecstatic Milchmädchens,  is slowly waking up to what it hath wrought.  Voices of concern have arisen even from the SPD, which normally inhabits an alternate universe;  but city mayors do not have that luxury, they see the crisis up close and personal ("hautnah miterlebt" is the German phrase for this).  And so Seehofer (CSU) has announced …. (drum-roll) … a state of


(Emergency Defense.)
So!  He’s going to actually close Bavaria’s foreign borders, is he?  (Bit of a reach, that, a Bundesland having its own foreign policy;  but since the Federal state itself has none apart from sheer surrender -- as Caesar used to say, Extremis malis  extrema remedia.)

Well, no;  he hasn’t actually got the backbone for that.  Instead, he is following strategy (2):  Let everyone in, but don’t let them stay, just shoot them all north and let other people deal with it.


Future development are predictable (as has been the storyline so far, given that no-one in Europe has a pair of balls).   Already we have seen refugees leaving generous but overcrowded German, of their own accord, plowing into Denmark and being waved on north, to Sweden.  Sweden, however, is already swamped;  remarkably, some immigrants have already fled the resulting mess and have been forcing their way into Finland:  where, however,  the citizenry (not the government) has been making a show of resistence.  For that, they get condemned by all the Gutmenschen of the world.   Clearly, there is just one solution:    Provide free transportation for everyone, yet onwards … to Ultima Thule … to the North Pole.
Which, by the way, is extremely underpopulated.


So far, the Polar Bears are taking this surprisingly well.
“We don’t anticipate any hitches,” said spokesbear Peter Polar in an interview with an admiring BBC.  “We’re a simple folk, living on fish.  We don’t eat pork, we don’t drink wine, we don’t listen to music, and our females don’t wear make-up or miniskirts -- all the things that would get you whipped or beheaded in a Salafist state.  We should be able to live peacefully forever, side by side.”
“But -- “ interjected a newsman from Realityland,  “your females go completely naked.”
Pause for reflection.  Reluctantly,  “Ye-es, that could present a problem.”

Bear of the Future  at the Pole
[Update 9 Oct 2015]  It has already begun!

Bypassing the Risky Sea, Refugees Reach Europe Through the Arctic


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