Sunday, May 29, 2016

Politicians and Penguins

It has been reported that Trump just made fun of Romney for “walking like a penguin”:

We are outraged at the insinuation.  Penguins walk nothing like that stumblebum Romney -- they have a natural grace and dignity.

"I shall not dignify that innuendo  by a reply..."


For your weekend reading pleasure,
we reproduce our earliest think-piece (from March 2013)
on the relations between politics and penguins.

(For further particulars, consult Prof. Dr.  H.D.G. von Vogelkunde, Die Pinguinistik in der Weltwissenschaft, 30 volumes, 1807 fff. )

~    ~    ~

(1)   One is not quite sure whether the following description of the French President, by his ex-mistress and songstress, is meant as a compliment …

Carla Bruni règle ses comptes avec Hollande
Sans le nommer, l'ex-première dame traite François Hollande de «pingouin» dans son prochain album.

Well, here are the lyrics;  you be the judge:

«Il prend son petit air souverain
Mais je le connais, moi, le pingouin n'a pas de manière de châtelain.
Eh, le pingouin, si un jour tu recroises mon chemin,
Je t'apprendrai, le pingouin,
Je t'apprendrai à me faire le baisemain (…)
Ni laid ni beau, le pingouin,
Ni haut ni bas, ni froid ni chaud, le pingouin, ni oui ni non (…)
Tiens le pingouin  t'as l'air tout seul  dans ton jardin»…

For those of you whose French is rudimentary, the Translation Team here at the World of Dr Justice (headquarters:  Geneva)  offers the following free rendition (a certain poetic-license being naturally effected metri causâ)

Hooray for penguins, the King of Beasts!
Ruling the roost, from most to least!
Join us in our voyaging,
and let’s go visit  The Penguin King !!

(2)   You have doubtless read of the recent plebiscite in the Falklands, in which 97% of those voting elected to remain beneath the umbrella of Great Britain.  Omitted from the MSM reports were the vote totals of the indigenous (as opposed to colonialist) population, who surely should have a say.   These are, of course, penguins, and they far outnumber the other bipeds (the ones who lost their feathers in a long tragedy of evolutionary decline).  They voted almost unanimously to reject both British and Argentine overtures, and to become an Overseas Territory of Antarctica.
(The only dissent was a contrarian chick, who plumped for the North Pole.)

Note:  This is not the first time that penguin suffrage has altered the course of history:

(3)  For an earlier thinkpiece on the political relevance of penguins, consult:

[Footnote:  The present post is focused on strictly politicological aspects of Spheniscidae.  For the philosophical dimension, consult the following treatise


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