Thursday, February 17, 2011

Penguins & Politics


And like the lady says, at the very end:

-- A line which, until a few years ago, would have evoked little but nods and smiles.

But now this simple fact  is everywhere under attack.  Cf., just yesterday:

The problem addressed above is but a tiny slice (and largely the result) of a more general problem:  rampant single-motherhood.   The core of who we are, as human society,  is crumbling  -- savage rats ravaging  the fragments from without.

Fortunately, most of us still believe in this, even though it becomes ever less politically correct to say so.  From this morning’s Post:

La Manif pour tous, le 13 janvier, sur le Champ-de-Mars.

This is serious, folks.   This blog was created to explore Cantorian Realism, and to show forth its ties with theism:  because that’s a little something I happen to know.  But it pales in importance  to these basic truths:

=>  Marry in faith.
=>  Nurse your babies.
=>  Stay loyal to the day you die.

[Post-script:  Plaudits to the First Lady: ]

[Post-postscript, as the story refuses to die:
(The egregious Palin and Bachman  parade their pointlessness and ignorance.)
It began with a modest remark during a roundtable discussion with reporters: First lady Michelle Obama said she supports making it easier for mothers to breast-feed their babies, because "kids who are breast-fed longer have a lower tendency to be obese."
Within days, the sentence - and a new Internal Revenue Service policy offering tax deductions for breast pumps - had touched off a political firestorm. Rep. Michelle Bachmann (R-Minn.) blasted the Obama administration for trying to impose a "nanny state" on mothers. Another potential 2012 presidential candidate, former Alaska governor Sarah Palin, mockingly said the first lady was trying to compensate for high milk prices.

Careful readers between the lines might have gathered that I am -- when not contemplating Hilbert Space -- something of a social conservative.  But I would not vote for these Tea-Party types  if you boiled me in oil.   That they are ignorant of science is for them practically a badge;  but you'd think they'd at least get this right.]

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