Sunday, December 11, 2011

“An Invented People”

Newt Gingrich (whom we would fain ignore; but like a pesky mosquito, he simply will not go away) has pulled his thumb out of his mouth  long enough to opine, that the Palestinians are an “invented” people.

As you all know, we never, ahem, discuss politics on this site, but only logic.   So without attempting to weigh the relative inventedness of such other stateless nations as the Armenians, Berbers, or Kurds  (the idea being, after all, a rather novel addition to the political-economical stock), we can only observe that, by that yardstick, the American people must be invention-squared -- a granfalloon, in Vonnegut’s useful terminology -- since we are a mishmash of all the apatrides from every corner and gutter of the globe.  In fact -- being President of such a patchwork rabble as we are   is beneath the dignity of so great a thinker as Professor Gingrich;  he should therefore withdraw from the race.


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