Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year’s Resolutions

Here’s what’s on-deck for 2012 !!!

(1)  To contemplate the blessed doctrine of the Trinity.

(2)  To, um, ….

(3) To ….    ?????

(x)  ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

~ ~ ~

My mind’s as yet too weak to compass this.  But the pen may yet mechanically record, such glimpses as I come across in the writings of others.


Father Schall, S.J., in The Order of Things (2007), calls the Trinity “the inner life of the Godhead.”


Roger Scruton, in whom the light of logic burns  brightly alive, draws an intriguing conclusion:

God, says the Christian, has three natures, and we come to him by three separate paths:  when we worship him as transcendental law-giver;  when we encounter him incarnate;  and when the Holy Spirit moves through us in its work of concord.  It follows that there are three modes of rebellion against God:  the repudiation of law;  the assault on the sanctity of the human person;  and the desecration of the work of the spirit.
Modern Philosophy (1994), p. 474

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