Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Personal Appeal from Deathhamster

In recent weeks, Wikipedia has gone ape-sh|t with “Personal Appeals”.   The blameless browser cannot call up an article on Fréchet space without meeting someone’s mug -- from the Wikifounder himself (whose name alas escapes me -- it’s not Julian Assange ?) down to the grunt whose chief claim to fame is having noticed a typo in the umpty-eleventh redaction of the article on Wimblethumpkins.  Well, WDJ  wants in on the action !

And so we bring to you a PERSONAL APPEAL from our beloved/behated sidekick, Death-Hamster, who pleads:

Y’know, it ain’t free, to run this site.  We got fuel costs, for the Search Engine; materials outlay, for all these pixels;  property tax, for the site itself;  plus bribes too numerous to mention.  So -- Send Us All Your Money Now ! ! !

~ Death-Hamster -- So cute, so deadly … ~
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  1. Hamstehs are furreh.
    We like it that way.