Sunday, May 20, 2012

FLASH/CRITIC: The Latest from Thomas Friedman

On the front page of the Review section of this morning’s New York Times, deep-thinking globe-trotting glad-handing pundit Mr. Thomas L. Friedman, reports that he (and I quote) has “spent the last week traveling to two of America’s greatest innovation hubs -- Silicon Valley and Seattle”.   He further reports -- and this may be a cause for some concern among his numerous fanbase -- that the trip (again, we reproduce his exact words) “left me feeling a combination of exhilaration and dread.
Hopefully more of the former than the latter, eh, Tom?

Note:  For those of you  who for some reason  failed to receive your copy of today’s NYT at the end of your driveway (paper-boy off smoking dope, no doubt), be of good cheer:  You didn’t really miss anything.  Tom’s column today was basically the same as the one last week, which in turn closely mirrored the one from the week before that.
Sort of like "Beetle Bailey", really.


[Update 27  May 2012]  In this morning's op-ed in the New York Times,  Tom brings us up to date on the latest developments in his personal emotional life.  The piece opens:

"During a recent discussion in Seattle with a group of educators, one of them surprised me ..."

Life is just full of surprises, eh, Tom?

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