Friday, May 11, 2012

More Musical Minimalism

Why do we not "do it",  in the road?
Why not indeed?
Any objections?  No?
-- Passed without dissent.

[Note to the youngsters:
If you have not been listening to this anthem  on and off  for the better part of fifty years -- as have most of your elders and betters -- you need to hear this  a minumum of a hundred times in succession, to get the basic idea.
Notice that, in line with the Minimalist aesthetic, the crucial pronoun "it"  is here without overt antecedent.]

Classroom assignment:
Compare and contrast that anthem with this one, as they relate to the Copenhagen Interpretation of quantum mechanics.  If no such relation can be evidenced, simply write “None”.   (In the Institute for Minimalist Studies, most term papers consist of a single word.  But the word must be very well chosen.)

With admirable musical economy, Mr. McCartney (or, as we shall simply call him, “Paul”) is here a one-man band, handling both the vocals and all of the instruments.  Thus demonstrating that, in principle, The Beatles can be minimized to just one Beatle.

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